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Fund Size
Target $25MM
Minimum Subscription
Eligible Investors
Accredited Investors
Management Fee
2% per annum
Carried Interest
20% of net performance
Fund Term
5 yrs from final closing, two one yr options
Investment Period
Reinvestment of committed capital permitted during the first 36 months.  Additional reinvestment limited to follow on of existing investments.
General Partner Commitment
$2MM of LP



Market-leading Cannabis data analytics firm required growth capital to scale its business

Cassidy's Principals combined to purchase one of the largest positions in the recent US$3MM Series A round at US$12MM valuation

Cassidy estimates that revenue trajectory accelerates from $1MM run rate to $25MM-$30MM in 2020 with incremental upside from international expansion

Cassidy's close relationship with Strainprint management well positions our fund for future financing opportunities

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